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Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids loves playing with water and a visit to swimming pool. It is definitely a great deal for kids to take up Swimming Lessons. 

Kids Swimming Lessons does not only train swimming skills and abilities, they will also learn and train to be more discipline, enhancing their social skills, handling challenges and most importantly be water safe.

Reserchers from Griffith Institute discovered that kids who take up swimming are smarter. Researchers also claimed that the sense of achievement kids experience while engaging in acivities like swimming motivates them to do well in their academic studies as well.

Kids Swimming Lessons are in the setting of either Group Lessons or Private Lesson in Public Pool and Condo Swimming Lessons.

SwimSafer 2.0 Programme will be main syllabus in Kids Swimming Lessons as it is the only programme that is recognise by Sport Singapore and MOE.

Group Lessons

Swimming Lessons for Kids

  • All our Coaches for Kids Swimming Lessons at Public Swimming Complexes are certified and recognise by Sport Singapore , we are also registered with NROC and SwimSafer .

  • Swimming Lessons for Kids (Group Class) starts from the age of 5 years old to 14 years old.

  • Swimming Lessons for Kids Maximum group size of 10 children per group. (Currrently the maximum group size are reduce 5 Kids per group which is in-line which Post Covid-19 measures.)

  •  Duration of Kids Swimming Lessons are 45 minutes to 60 minutes per session.

  •  Weekdays Kids Swimming Lessons usually starts from 5.00pm onwards at Public Swimming Complex and Condo Swimming Lessons. The pool is usually less crowded as compared to weekends.

  • Weekends Swimming Lessons for Kids at Public Swimming Complexes are very popular at all Public Swimming Complexes. Lessons start as early as 8.00am until evening time.

Kids Swimming Lessons are only from
 $100 per month

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Curriculum and Programme

What will taught in Kids Swimming Lesson

Kids Swimming Programme

6 Stages Swimming Programme

SwimSafer 2.0 Programme has a total of 6 stages that teaches varying abliities to swim and also survival skills. It is the same programme that are taught at MOE Swimming Programme in Primary and Secondary School.


Frenquently Asked Questions

Q: How long does my child be able to swim?
A: Every kid is unique and react to water differently. We encourage to let the kids learn at their own pace and enjoy their swimming lessons happily instead of rushing them to learn.

Q: When will the kid be taking Swimming Test?
A: SwimSafer test will be conducted at every three to four months, coach will shortlist those who are able to meet the criteria and send them for test.

Q: Does parents need to be around during Swimming Lessons?
A: Parents are advise to be around to keep a look-out for their kid/s during swimming lessons. In the event of the kids need to take a toilet break, parents are able to attend to them.

Q: Do i need to pay for enterance fee to the Swimming Complex?
A: All learners, Parents/Guardians including coaches are required to pay for enterance fee.

Q: Does parent needs to be in the pool with the kid during swimming lesson?
A: Kids that are five years old usually doesn't require parents to be in the pool and parents are strongly encourge not to interfer when swimming lessons are being conducted unless required by the coach.